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Product Detail Information
Say&Say multi-user video chatting is a multimedia chatting program with latest technology that users can enjoy chatting with viewing video images of other parties.

* Unlike other existing video chatting software, Say&Say only uses software engineering and still delivers the best quality video and audio media.
* Say&Say is 1:1 / 1:N type chatting solution that gives video/audio/text communications real-time, and due to its high audio/video quality, stability, and customizing satisfaction.
* It is recognized as the best chatting solution in the market.
* Say&Say is a video / voice chatting program (authorization server and clients) and server management package: you can choose between text, text/video, text/voice, text/voice/video type: users can choose which type, and they can enjoy chatting accordingly, along with other multimedia features included.


Digital Video/voice media compression technology
* Video Media Compress
- Video data compression algorithm developed by saehaSoft
- Optimize / costomize company's video conference solution
- video quality development technology
* MPEG4 based video compression development - voice compression broadcasting technology
* Audio compression algorithm development
- all developed by saehaSoft
- Quality through high compression rate
Internet multimedia data processing
* video transfer method - Internet Video transfer protocol
* Video media management method - large capacity data processing
* white board function included
* Voice over IP method - Internet based voice transfer protocol
* data/document sharing

* High quality video/audio, saynsay gives you a distinctively stable and better video chatting solution compared to other products.
* By using Peer to Peer type video processing, video transfer is fast (up to 15 frames per sec), and minimizes server's system load, leading to a stable server maintenance.
* Various extra necessary features within the application
* Client connection and uses are easy, without having to acquire MCU tools or any expensive extra hardware.
* With only one server system, 3000 video/chatting user, or 300 voice user can connect to our application.
* By choosing directory server type, parallel expandability is easy, and modular server expension is easy and powerful (eg. With 2 voice server , video+chatting 3000 users, or 600 voice chat users can conect.
Server part
* Share user info between multi servers
* Administer rooms and users online
* Support large number of users connected at one time (video/chatting 3000 users, voice 300 users)
* Expandability of modular servers (chatting server / voice server)
Client part
* Video/voice/text transfer in real-time
* Voice/microphone level control and supports shortcut keys
* Both way communication at the same time (up to 4 users)
* Waiting room/chatting room, 'who' function for user information
* Input/management of personal information (public/private)
* Whisper/1:1 chatting/change chat name/operator/ban,kick
* Peer to Peer type video transfer

System Architecture (H/W)

Software Architecture

Screen Shot
Chatting Room Screen Shot

1:1 Screen Shot

Waitroom Screen Shot

Server System
* O/S : Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 server
* CPU : Pentium III 600 Dual CPU
* HDD : UMD HDD(10Giga)
* RAM : 256[M]or better
* Internet connection :512[k] or better
Client System
* O/S : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* CPU : Pentium MMX 166[Mhz]or better
* HDD : 5[M]or better
* RAM : 32[M] or better
* Internet connection: ISDN, ADSL, CABLE MODEM
* PC web camera (for use with video feed)
* Speaker/microphone or headset, Full duplex Sound card