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Cyber Education System "SchoolNet" is remote lecturing solution using the latest technology just with multimedia PC and internet connection.

Two way communication lets have optimum level of education, and anyone can overcome location / time limit to join the lecture, and real time education and custom education are both possible.

* Real time video / audio communication is possible as well as whiteboard function.
* With maximum voice compression, server will not experience data overload, preventing server downtime and loss in voice quality at the same time, and thus provides with stable environment for the lecture.
* Lecturer's video feed is 15 frames per second or better, letting students have high quality screen, and various whiteboard functions lets students take notes and do exercises very easily during the sessions.

Digital Video/voice media compression technology
* Video Media Compress
- Video data compression algorithm developed by saehaSoft
- Optimize / costomize company's video conference solution
- video quality development technology
* MPEG4 based video compression development - voice compression broadcasting technology
* Audio compression algorithm development
- all developed by saehaSoft
- Quality through high compression rate
Internet multimedia data processing
* video transfer method- Internet Video transfer protocol
* Video media management method - large capacity data processing
* white board function included
* Voice over IP method- Internet based voice transfer protocol
* data/document sharing

* Video / Audio / Text lecturing (1:N multi-user real-time both-way voice communication)
* File transfer function during lectures
* Whiteboard/HTML/Document sharing (ppt, exl, doc, etc)/resources
* Documents/application sharing function
* Lecture management and students management function has received an incredible boost
* File transfer, attendance check, speaker choice function, and other new features.
* Using SchoolNet, users can have foreign language lessons by native speakers, no matter where they are.
* Institutions can reduce their cost in school facilities by building up a virtual university with SchoolNet. As for students, they can choose any popular classes without having to physically attend the class, and pay expensive tuition fee.
* Extra classes are normally taken place at inconvenient time and location: with SchoolNet, these problems do not occur any more.
* Anyone can register for popular courses where ever there are. SchoolNet lets students attend classes using internet connection, and academies could take more students from anywhere in the country, making even more profits.
"I meet my teachers on the computer..
Tutors can easily teach their students without having to visit students houses. Also, from 1:1 to 1:N feature, classes can be customized to fit anyone's needs.
* Community of colleagues within corporations!
Training within corporations is often time-consuming job. SchoolNet could solve such problems by remote lectures using everyone's workstations. Also bulletin board system, chatting, etc. can help workers' community integration.


System Architecture(H/W)

Software Architecture

Screen Shot
SchoolNet Screen Shot

Server System
* O/S : Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 server
* CPU : Pentium III 600 Dual CPU
* HDD : UMD HDD(10Giga)
* RAM : 256[M]or better
* Internet connection :512[k] or better
Client System
* O/S : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* CPU : Pentium MMX 166[Mhz]or better
* HDD : 5[M]or better
* RAM : 32[M] or better
* Internet connection: ISDN, ADSL, CABLE MODEM
* PC web camera (for use with video feed)
* Speaker/microphone or headset, Full duplex Sound card