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According to development in information techn ology, visual, voice, text, graphic and other multimedia materials can be delivered to remote hosts for digital communication. When then media is being transferred, they are compressed using PC, codec, web camera and other tools, so that real-time both way 1:1 or 1:N communications are possible. "Seminar" gives you an opportunity to hold a conference where ever you are, having the optimum level of visual / voice / text communications with attendees

* I.T. related infrastructure expansion giving video audio conferences
* Save on costs and time for remote conferences, business trips
* Fast and accurate decision makings without labor and time loss.
* More effective relationship and data processing between countries
* Increase in user needs and expectation due to vast number of internet users and development in high speed communication technology.
* Synergy effects in each parts of I.T. due to development in internet related technology
* Build up trust in each party by real-time video/voice communication

Digital Video/voice media compression technology
* Video Media Compress
- Video data compression algorithm developed by saehaSoft
- Optimize / costomize company's video conference solution
- video quality development technology
* MPEG4 based video compression development - voice compression broadcasting technology
* Audio compression algorithm development
- all developed by saehaSoft
- Quality through high compression rate
Internet multimedia data processing
* video transfer method - Internet Video transfer protocol
* Video media management method - large capacity data processing
* white board function included
* Voice over IP method - Internet based voice transfer protocol
* data/document sharing

Main Features
* Stable and better web conference with quality voice / video
* Using Peer to Peer connection, video feed is swift ( up to 15 frames per second), and minimize the server's load in order to maintain a stable server connection.
* Easy and simple user interface
* Without MCU tools or any costy hardware, client connection and use is possible.
* With only one server system, video+chatting 3000 users / voice 300 users can connect to server at one time.
* Using directory server type, parallel processing server is possible, and modular server expansion is good with user capacity expansion is easy. (Ex. 2 voice server : video+chatting 3000 users/ voice 600 user)
* If a web server is connected, all applications can be run on the web.

System Architecture(H/W)

Screen Shot

Seminar Screen Shot

Server System
* O/S : Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 server
* CPU : Pentium III 600 Dual CPU
* HDD : UMD HDD(10Giga)
* RAM : 256[M]or better
* Internet connection :512[k] or better
Client System
* O/S : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* CPU : Pentium MMX 166[Mhz]or better
* HDD : 5[M]or better
* RAM : 32[M] or better
* Internet connection: ISDN, ADSL, CABLE MODEM
* PC web camera (for use with video feed)
* Speaker/microphone or headset, Full duplex Sound card